Azerbaijan Domain Name Registrations

Frequently asked Questions for .AZ Azerbaijan Domain name:
1) What is the registration terms allowed? (ie. 1 – 2 years)
1-10 years

2) How long does registration typically take?

1-3 days

3) Are there any requirements to register a domain?

No  requirements . Only global trademark must sent ….

4) Is there any documents or information required from the registrant?


5) Can registrants be both individuals and legal entities?

Yes.   Both individuals and legal entities can register.

6) Are there any fees for DNS updates, ownership updates, etc?


7) Do domains automatically renew upon expiration? If so, can we turn this off?

Automatically renew not support .az

8) Do you require us to notify you ahead of time if we do or do not want to renew a domain? If so, how much in advance?

We inform you with email for renew. You can also sent us information.

9) If a domain does expire, can it be restored? Is there a redemption period? Fees?

Restor price is 250 $ .  Redemption  period  30 days and price 250 $

10) What are second levels available?


11) What is the allowed character length? (ie 1-63 characters)


12) Prices for registration/renewal for all extensions under .az

150 $
.AZ Azerbaijan Domain Registration. To register your .az domain name please visit
Atak Domain Support Team

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