Super Discount in .org domains!

.org domain name costs only 7,99$. until 30 September 2018 instead of 11,99 $

 Furthermore, no coupon, no limit  … 

Do your web site’s domain extension with org. extension and utilize org advantages. If you wish to make a difference in your society, org extension is just for you.

         What are the advantages of .org area name? 

  • .org extension area names enable your corporation to have a reliable and fair appearance. It is one of the site extensions which includes objective information. Almost the whole of sites which are used for campaign and charity collection have org. extensions.
  • .org extension is the 3rd extension among the Turkey’s most preferred extensions.
  • It is much better for you to reach your target market, it provides opportunity to people to reach your site with a positive point of view, at the same time there exists no any restriction. Everyone can acquire this extension.
  • It has taken its place among the best known extensions along with the important area names such as .com , .gov , .mil , .edu since the date you designed it .
  • If your corporation is a foundation, social and cultural corporation, religious institution and aid fund, etc.,  than it is an expected case that your extension is ;org, but private companies may utilize this situation in their benefit and your aid funds  and campaigns may bring positive results in the public.


What are the campaign conditions?

  • Campaign prices are only valid in .org domain name extensions and for new registrations.
  • Campaign is effective until 30 September 2018.
  • Campaign is not valid for area name transfer and renewals.
  • There is no limitation on the number of org. extension within the scope of the campaign.
  • Our customers who utilize the campaign are deemed to have accepted campaign conditions.


.ORG  costs only 7,99$ until  30 September 2018 !


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